Personal and Planetary Frequency Raising Class

Thank you to everyone who participated in personal and planetary frequency raising at this unique moment when this practice is so important to the wellbeing of ourselves and the planet.
On average 12,000 people attended each class, and we built a sacred community. We used this planetary chrysalis to assess our lives and the world, and consciously chose the path we wished to walk as individuals and as a human species going forward.
Each class focused on one of the seven frequency raising qualities: love, service, blessing, prayer, faith, gratitude, and community. Further it enabled people to spread hope, goodness, and compassion across the planet.
To take frequency raising into the world visit the Jedi Training and participate in the Peace on Earth by 2030 Game. 

First Class - Love

Second Class - Service

Third Class - Blessing

Fourth Class - Prayer

Fifth Class - Faith

Sixth Class - Gratitude

Seventh Class - Community