Jedi Training

Peace on Earth by 2030

Planetary Frequency Raising Leadership

Seven-part series from July 8 to August 19

Wednesdays from 5 to 6:30 pm PT, 8 to 9:30 pm ET

We are building a movement of DreamKeepers—those who believe peace on earth is possible and are committed to making it a reality—empowered with the seven actions that enabled the First Earth Run to unite the world and create peace on earth over its 86-day journey.

These seven actions are designed as a global game that will take place between 2020 and 2030. Each of the seven actions is a frequency raising master code for creating peace on earth. This training systematically deciphers these master codes and helps you apply them to your life, community and planet. The DNA of each master code is based on my forty years of experience developing evolutionary acceleration strategies.

Peace on earth is a frequency of higher thought and emotion translated into specific behaviors. To appreciate planetary frequency raising we need to understand that our every thought, emotion, word, and action is energy and manifests that frequency in the world. Love, faith and gratitude manifests a high frequency and attracts experiences in kind. Fear, doubt and anxiety manifests a low frequency and attracts experiences in kind. This is how our lives and world are created.

I call this a Jedi Training because you will learn how to work with the energy of the universe, or force, and direct it to higher frequency expressions in your life. You will also learn to walk the Jedi Master way—a path of service to humanity’s evolution. Your initiation as a Jedi is joining an exceptional group of people around the world who have taken on humanity’s greatest challenge: the creation of peace on earth in a decade. And Peace on Earth is the portal through which we must pass to reinvent the planet and usher in humanity’s golden age.

While there is no charge for joining this training, it does require a commitment to learn, grow and fully engage in this Jedi community.

Class 1

Introduction to the Peace on Earth Game and its seven actions, the five social change 2.0 superpowers, Jedi initiation, Action 1 master code, and a meditation on the faith frequency.

Class 2

Action 2 master code, Jedi hero's journey, oneness frequency meditation, empowerment evolutionary acceleration strategy, and introduction of the three-part Jedi Peace Master Certification.