Jedi Training

Peace on Earth by 2030

Planetary Frequency Raising Leadership

The Jedi Training can be taken either as part of playing The Game or independently. It is optimized for people playing The Game as it enables players to have a deeper experience of the actions. If you utilize this as part of The Game note that the order of the actions have changed since its creation. 

We are building a movement of DreamKeepers—those who believe peace on earth is possible and are committed to making it a reality—empowered with the seven actions that enabled the First Earth Run to unite the world and create peace on earth over its 86-day journey.

These seven actions are designed as a global game that will take place between 2020 and 2030. Each of the seven actions is a frequency raising master code for creating peace on earth. This training systematically deciphers these master codes and helps you apply them to your life, community and planet. The DNA of each master code is based on my forty years of experience developing evolutionary acceleration strategies. This 8-part Jedi Training includes frequency raising meditations on oneness, faith, empowerment, unity, cooperation, abundance and love. With the launch of the live online training we built a powerful morphogenetic field in the collective consciousness of humanity around these frequencies. We also seeded the Peace on Earth by 2030 actions, strategies and meme. Further, we empowered the Jedi community with the second order change knowledge needed to reinvent the planet. These classes are available to you below.

I call this a Jedi Training because you will learn how to work with the energy of the universe, or force, and direct it to higher frequency expressions in your life. The moment of humanity’s great awakening into the golden age as an enlightened species is now upon us. I offer my heartfelt gratitude to the many Jedi across this planet stepping forward to seize this moment. You are birthing Peace on Earth, the portal into the golden age. Humanity’s greatest dream is alive!

~ David Gershon

Jedi Mission

Accelerate humanity’s transition into a higher frequency and the golden age.

Jedi Code

  1. Jedi help humankind evolve into an enlightened species.
  2. Jedi help Earth evolve into an enlightened planet. 
  3. Jedi walk the path of oneness with all life on Earth and the universe.
  4. Jedi commit to mastering the seven peace on earth frequencies and behaviors.
  5. Jedi commit to mastering the Peace on Earth Game and second order change alchemy.

Jedi Mantra

Peace on Earth in a decade.

Class 1

Introduction to the Peace on Earth Game (Now The Game) and its seven actions, the five Social Change 2.0 superpowers, Jedi initiation, Action 1 master code, and a meditation on the faith frequency.

Class 2

Jedi hero's journey, oneness frequency meditation, and empowerment evolutionary acceleration strategy.

Class 3

Action 3 master code, empowerment frequency meditation, transformation evolutionary acceleration strategy, and continuation of the Jedi hero's journey.

Class 4

Action 4 master code, unity frequency meditation, innovation evolutionary acceleration strategy, and continuation of the Jedi hero's journey.

Class 5

Action 5 master code, cooperation frequency meditation, unify evolutionary accelerator strategy, and continuation of the Jedi hero's journey.

Class 6

Action 6 master code, the abundance frequency meditation, mobilize evolutionary accelerator strategy, and continuation of the Jedi hero's journey.

Class 7

Action 7 master code, love frequency meditation, integration of the evolutionary acceleration codes, and transition of the Jedi Training into the Peace on Earth Game.

Class 8

Finally, we integrated the 7 frequencies and actions with the 5 Social Change 2.0 superpowers. The Jedis are now empowered with leadership capacity to build the Peace on Earth by 2030 global movement and golden age!

Bonus Class - An Evolutionary Strategy for the Racial Justice Movement

The focus of this class is how to increase the effectiveness and impact of the racial justice movement by using second order change strategies and the Peace on Earth Game. This will be particularly useful for creating inclusive POE Zones.